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Rusty on FOX NEWS RADIO – Children electronics & social skills

16 Mar Rusty on FOX NEWS RADIO – Children electronics & social skills

INTRO: Thanks to modern technology, it feels like we’re in touch with more people more of the time. But that doesn’t mean our kids are really learning how to communicate. Fox’s Lisa Brady reports in this week’s Fox on Family.

ACK: Lisa Brady

KEYWORDS: Human Interest

TAG: Rusty Lozano is a father of four and founder of the Center for Biofeedback & Behavior Therapy in Texas. Follow him on Twitter: @Ruzty777

Instead of trying to see each other in person

my 7th grade daughter and her friends

spend time together online,

live group-streaming on social media.

They do homework, play trivia games, or just hang out.

But does that really count as time together?

((Take ack 13669
trt: 04
oc: interpersonal interaction )) There’s an entire experience when it comes to interpersonal interaction

Licensed Professional Counselor Rusty Lozano

says this generation of kids may end up struggling with effective communication later, especially after all the texting,

if they don’t spend more time working on social skills-in person-now;

things like picking up on cues and maintaining eye contact

((Take ack 13794
trt: 15
oc: on the fly )) How close do you get to somebody when you’re sitting next to them or how high should your voice be when you’re communicating to somebody in a room; do you yell off the top of your lungs or can you adjust your voice tone to match what’s supposed to happen? All of that is learned on the fly.

So from an early age they need practice

let kids order for themselves at restaurants, for instance,

and he says limit electronics for as long as you can.

With Fox on Family, I’m Lisa Brady
Source: Therapy Hour Spreaker

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