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Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent Minds

Adolescence is the period in which the most dramatic changes occur physically, psychologically, and socially within the life. Rapid hormonal changes lead to increased instinctive impulses, and those changes cause adolescents to be psychologically unstable. Adolescents enter an abstract and imaginary world driven by questions such as “Who am I?” “What does it mean to be a human being?”. At the same time, they are forced to face the real adult world. Adolescents must examine themselves and develop their own identity by becoming independent from their parents and by expanding interpersonal relationships with their peers.
Such a change, however, is not an easy task. It is not uncommon for the adolescents to experience disappointment and discouragement during this developmental process. The rapidly changing the world makes establishing roles and values an extremely difficult task to accomplish. The hurt and confusion adolescents feel regarding their “sense of self” is often times expressed in antisocial behavior or psychological/physical symptoms.

Common Complaints and Symptoms

  • Unable to go to school
  • Hypersensitive about one’s body
  • Hyper-anxious about others
  • Irritable
  • Withdrawn and lethargic

  • Stay home and does no want to meet people
  • Does not trust parents
  • Say negative things
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular eating and sleeping habits

In adolescent counseling problematic behaviors and physical/psychological symptoms are result of a child’s struggles to deal with family, friends, school, everyday life, and society. Therefore, what we need to do first is to support them in regaining their self-esteem, not to judge their behaviors and attitudes. Social workers, counselors, public health nurses, and psychiatrists who specialize adolescents work as a team to assist  adolescents. The following services are offered as needed:

  • Casework Counseling
  • Psychotherapy Family counseling
  • Support group for parents

It is not always necessary for adolescents themselves to come to the counseling. Please feel free to visit the center, if you perceive that there is a problem.