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Co-pilot Program

The Co-pilot Program

Often when you a child is sent to treatment, the child works 1 on 1 with a therapist.  Children have a limited capacity to retain information (often vital information).  When treating conditions like anxiety, headache, and panic attacks a child’s ability to recall techniques that have been acquired is very difficult.  Parents come in with information exchanged to them by the therapist from a scheduled parent follow up appointment or from a short post visit at the end of a treatment session with an update on what the child worked on in treatment and established goals.  The responsibility to remember and use treatment strategies in compromising circumstances becomes 100% the child’s obligation.  This treatment idea is antiquated.

The Center for Biofeedback & Behavior Therapy’s “Co-Pilot Program” recruits the parent to become a therapeutic partner in their child’s treatment.  Our Center evaluates, trains, and facilitates the therapeutic relationship with the child and parent.  Once a coping strategy is introduced and trained with the parent and child, the therapist leaves the room and the parent takes over the treatment session with their child.  The Result?, a higher percentage of a child’s success implementing skills at and home and beyond.