Stress Management Texas | Migraine Treatment | CBBT Clinic
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Pain Management Services


CBBT Headache and Pain Clinic

The CBBT Headache Clinic has gained popularity over the years for treatment of headache and chronic pain.  The treatments provided within the pain clinic are integrative and user friendly.  Patients learn to gain control over pain by using self regulation techniques in biofeedback.  Rusty also provides unique support for headaches patients, incorporating telephone assistance to his client’s to help control techniques at the moment of their onset.


Though all people share the same basic physical make-up, each person is unique. Your lifestyle, the foods you eat, your genetic heritage, even your profession and where you live can influence the reasons you may be having chronic headaches. The triggers that set off headaches are as unique as the people experiencing them. That’s why no single treatment is right for every person.

That’s also why our patients are our partners in determining what causes their headaches, and the best treatment or even combination of treatments that will achieve relief. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, if you have already tried treatments that have not worked, or if your present treatment is not helping, by all means call for an appointment. Some of the most common conditions we treat at the Center include migraine, menstrul migraine , chronic daily headaches, cluster headaches , medication overuse headaches , hermicrania continua and trigeminal neuralgia.