Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Headache & Abdominal Pain Management

The CBBT Headache Clinic has gained popularity over the years for treatment of headache and chronic pain. The treatments provided within the pain clinic are integrative and user friendly. Patients learn to gain control over pain by using self regulation techniques in biofeedback. Rusty also provides unique support for headaches patients, incorporating telephone assistance to his client's to help control techniques at the moment of their onset.


The purpose of biofeedback therapy is to gain voluntary control of the body. As opposed to treatment by drugs, surgery, chiropractic, massage, psychotherapy and other forms of interventions, clinical biofeedback trains the client to control maladaptive body processes.

Behavioral Services

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of counseling aimed at teaching the client how to become healthier and experience a more satisfying, fulfilling lifestyle by modifying certain thought and behavior patterns. CBT can be helpful in treating a variety of problems, including depression, anxiety and panic disorders, dealing with life event such as: death, divorce, disability, school issues, and mounting stress.

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The Center for Biofeedback and Behavior Therapy is a full-service Pain Management and Counseling center with multiple locations throughout the Metroplex...

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At the Center for Biofeedback and Behavior Therapy, we maintain our biofeedback therapy standards to… [more]

Infrared Images Study Infrared Images Study


Questions to consider: When your child gets upset, does it take a long time for he or she to calm… [more]

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